Aftermarket GTB1752MV or GTB1756MV PD170 BMN Billet hybrid

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We take a brand new aftermarket (premier quality UK brand) PD 170 BMN 757042 turbocharger, and install either a 52 or 56mm billet compressor wheel, CNC machine the backplate and compressor housing, install a total seal stagger gap piston ring and large pad 360° thrust kit, install the large trim GTB17 turbine wheel from the 2.7 V6 GTB1756, then high speed VSR balance and stop screw flow calibrate the unit. All 100% brand new, nothing remanufactured, used, or second hand. 

Our preferred supplier of choice for for aftermarket turbos and CHRA is Melett ltd. Check out the link at the bottom of the page.