GTB2369VK Plug n play for 1.9 ARL ASZ ALH including custom cast manifold Lightweight / Billet

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The best your hard earned funds can purchase! 

Our high quality custom cast manifold, new turbo, vacuum converted, complete ready to fit.

Billet 69mm compressor wheel with extended tips, CNC machined seal plate, CNC machined compressor housing. AMG sized turbine (**.**mm exducer) with our own lightweight wheel, CNC machined VNT shroud.  The biggest compressor you can get in the standard compressor housing. (Until our custom ones come onto the market...) Not for the faint hearted.

Available in a variety of sizes from mild to wild, cast and billet compressor wheels, standard and lightweight turbine wheels. This turbo integrates fully with the original oil drain pipe, lower support bracket (no more welding cracked manifolds or leaking cut and shut oil drain pipes) original downpipe, original TIP (turbo inlet pipe).

 (We can build a turbo using any GTB sized turbine, and any compressor wheel that will fit into the compressor housing - if you don't see the exact combination of wheel sizes you require just drop us an email and we will put one together for you!).