For UK customers 20% VAT is added at the checkout. Overseas customers will have to pay local duties and taxes. Please check with your local customs office if unsure, or contact us with any questions.

Cheaper than banks or Paypal!

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If you want a cheap, convenient, and fast hassle free payment solution to pay us if you are not in the UK, to pay other suppliers in another country, or simply to send money to friends/family overseas just click on the blue Transferwise link above and you will receive your first transfer FEE FREE.

All you need to do is specify the exact amount you want us (the recipient,) to receive in their home currency, and click on "Claim your free transfer". You will be asked to log in, you input a few details, and then the Transferwise system will tell you exactly how much of your currency to send them and they transfer it and pay it out. Easy!