Customer Cars / Dyno Results

We have some information about customers running our 2260 turbos.

Steven Knibbs

Steven wanted a really punchy 270-280 bhp so we recommended him the GTB2060VKLR, the ball bearings and small turbine giving a nice aggressive torque delivery but with the 60mm billet compressor still able to flow considerable amounts of air and make very respectable power. After some 80% injectors and piper cam a trip to Narco and some time on the dyno ended up with 309 bhp and 386 lbft:

During the mapping Adam at Narco overlaid the plot from a Fabia Stage 1 with the quick spooling KKK turbo - see the improvements the VKLR makes!


Lee Prior

Lee from AR Tuning wanted a plug n play solution for a quick spool high 200's hp application in his T5 VW bus. After discussing the engine in his 1.9 and the fact that running a custom downpipe with the GT1749VB (PD150) flange would not be a problem, we settled on the GTB2060VKLR for Lee. His engine was built and run in, and the turbo fitted. "It spools like a standard turbo" was the feedback he gave us, and still made over 280 bhp. Check it out in the November issue of VWT magazine: