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VKLR Opening Sale

Calling all PD130 and PD150 owners! Pioneering Performance and Narco Tuning are teaming up to bring you an awesome offer for a group buy on the hottest turbos around at the moment - GTBVKLR ceramic ball bearing, virtually plug n play onto your ASZ or ARL engine'd Golf, Fabia, Ibiza, A3 etc. After a number of years in development and manufacture, Pioneering Performance ( have released the CPS (Cast PerformaSpool) manifold, making fitting a 2260 as simple as fitting an OEM turbo. Taking things a stage further the development is now complete for offering the VKLR turbos as an almost plug n play solution, and we have an opening sale on right now.

Our VKLR turbos are built with all new ceramic OEM bearings, 100% all new internals, new lightweight performance designed billet compressor wheel (your choice of 6,7 or 11 blade GTX style) new turbine wheel, new compressor cover, new vacuum actuator and CPS manifold. (All parts are available as loose items in the shop). There is no welding to crack on our manifolds, no second hand rotating parts, no re-used bearings, no leaky oil seals. Just simply the best turbos you can buy for your PD without any of the problems sometimes associated with the VKLR units. 


Narco Tuning ( recently saw one of the 2060 units on a nicely prepared Fabia and with their mapping expertise extracted nearly 310 bhp from the 1.9 motor (supporting mods included 80% injectors, piper 272° camshaft, exhaust, FMIC, SRE clutch etc).


The sale has 4 different specs of turbo available. GTB2060VKLR, GTB2260VKLR, GTB2265VKLR, and then GTB2568VKLR, all built to the specs mentioned above and all using our CPS Manifold. 

~ 275-300+ bhp @ 2.7 bar

GTB2060VKLR being the most responsive, and the GTB2260VKLR slightly better flowing in the turbine side so happier for higher revving use. These are the OEM VKLR sizes, built with our billet compressor wheels and CPS manifold. The actual power and torque produced on the vehicle will largely depend on the quality of the supporting mods - but remember the smallest turbo made over 300bhp on a good engine....

~300-340 bhp @ 2.7 bar

Moving up we can offer a GTB2265VKLR, with all the same base turbo components as the 2260 above, only using a 65mm billet compressor wheel rather than the 60mm. The compressor cover and backplate would be CNC machined for the much larger compressor wheel which seriously out performs the 60mm version. Response would be a little less than the 2060 and 2260 given the size of this unit, but the power it makes and keeps on making up the rev range will more than make up for it!

~330-3XX bhp +++++
For the seriously power hungry we can also build VKLR units with our custom and exclusive bigger than GTB22 turbines, and 66/68/69 or bigger compressor wheels, but these would be custom built to match the requirements. Contact Pioneering Performance or Narco with your current spec and what you are looking to achieve and we can steer you towards the best turbo for the job and the price.


Narco will be offering a turbo + mapping / turbo + fitting + mapping package price as well (contact them for details). Finance is also available through Narco (again speak to them about that.)