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Rebuild / Overhaul to Welded VK and VKLR turbos

We are seeing more and more 2260VK and VKLR units in need of repair that have been welded to either the VAG PD130/150 or the Vauxhall Z19DTH manifold. 

At Pioneering Performance we carry all the spares to rebuild these turbos and can usually offer a solution if the turbocharger becomes damaged. 

When we rebuild these units we always use 100% new moving parts -  a whole new ceramic CHRA with MFS Billet compressor wheel, new VNT nozzle and new nozzle shroud. We also use a new actuator and bracket if required. The only parts we will definitely use again will be the welded manifold and the compressor housing, both chemically and abrasive cleaned. 

If your unit is already upgraded from the original spec (2262 / 2265 etc) this is OK we can usually get the parts to mimic the spec even if it built by another company, but sometimes our manufacturer won't make the exact same compressor wheel so we would need to upgrade to the next size up. 

Whilst rebuilding if you want to upgrade (from 20 to 22 or 22 to 23 on the turbine side, and from 60 to 62, 65 68 etc on the compressor side) that is fine we manufacture and carry all the parts required and all the machining is performed in house. If your unit is the GTB2060VKLR with part number 826830 then these have a unique compressor wheel, turbine wheel, nozzle shroud and nozzle. We can rebuild them but need to upgrade the turbine side to GTB22 size components. 

Sadly because of the nature of some of the conversions, on occasions the oil drain pipe has been seen to not have enough fall which can cause the oil to back up and leak. Added to the fact that we do not carry out any inspection or correction to the welds between the turbine housings and manifolds we are unable to offer a warranty on repairs to welded units such as these. 

Pricing starts from £595 + VAT for 60mm VK based turbos, from £695 + VAT for 60mm VKLR based turbos. We can also upgrade to larger turbine and 62/65/68mm billet compressor wheels, or convert the VZK into VK bearing style if that's required. If you want to send your unit in for us to inspect feel free to contact us and we can make the arrangements. 

One thing to note is that the VKLR setup is superb for spool, but we generally try to avoid using them for all out power builds. The VNT nozzle can be prone to both boost creep and/or EMP spikes, when the turbos are pushed to the absolute limits. They are fine 95% of the time, but their limit of flow through the turbine is ultimately slightly less than that of a VK turbo.