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Billet 721021 PD150 ARL GT1752VB or GT1756VB Hybrid turbo

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One of the most popular upgrade turbos on the market today - fits most of the 8v 1.9 TDi range and is a great first stage upgrade when looking for more power.

We start with a brand new top quality UK sourced aftermarket turbocharger, then add a 52 or 56mm billet compressor wheel with CNC machined compressor housing and backplate. We install the upgrade large pad 360° thrust kit and total seal stagger gap turbine end piston ring seal. The turbine wheel gets machined and a cutback (or clipped wheel) applied to allow for better top end breathing. The unit is then assembled, high speed VSR balanced and stop screw calibrated and ready for use. Depending on the other vehicle mods the 52mm version usually sees around 210 bhp and the 56mm 230 or so bhp, depending on how hard they are pushed. 

Everything is new, nothing used, remanufactured or second hand. 

Our preferred supplier of choice for for aftermarket turbos and CHRA is Melett ltd. Check out the link at the bottom of the page.