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GTB2260VK Bearing housing BMW 758353

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New aftermarket GTB2260VK Bearing housing, taken from the 758353 range of BMW X3 turbochargers.

Note it is important to order the correct parts for the BMW GTB units - there are a range of different turbocharger part numbers and the parts do not all interchange. Check the part number etched onto the compressor housing carefully, or take a look at RealOEM - input the last 7 digits of your chassis number and search out the original turbo part number fitted to your car. Use this to cross reference against the Garrett part number we use to identify your turbocharger. 

This item will fit these cars that use the turbocharger part number 11657796316

We sell the whole balanced CHRA also - take a look here for our range of CHRA. 

Our preferred supplier of choice for for aftermarket turbos and CHRA is Melett ltd. Check out the link at the bottom of the page.