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PSA 1.6 GT1544V hybrid turbo for 175+ BHP 753420 upgrade

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A really popular engine used in many applications and with surprising tuning potentinal - the 1.6 TDCi / HDi used by Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Mini, Volvo, Mazda can be turned up to over double the output what it left the factory with. Either the 90 (with the enablement of the VNT control in the ECU) or the 110 bhp versions will accept this turbo plug n play and will safely run 175 bhp. When pushed excessively hard this unit can be built to achieve 195 bhp but we do not endorse that for daily use. 

We start with a brand new premier quality Melett turbocharger, equipped with a range of performance enhancements before we even get to work. (Please note this listing is for the older 90/110bhp upgrade and based on the GT1544V 753420 turbocharger - it will not interchange with the later 806291 GTC1244VZ turbocharger). Upgraded solid VNT vanes, upgraded thick diameter shaft and journal bearing, upgraded large pad 360° thrust kit. We then install the popular upgrade oversize billet compressor wheel and machine the compressor housing and backplate, we install a motorsport spec stagger gap total seal turbine side piston ring seal, we can cut back (or clipped blades) the turbine wheel to allow for better top end breathing if required, then high speed VSR balance the unit and flow calibrate it for optimum response. A really fantastic result for such a simple install. 

*Note - this engine has some well known oil related issues causing premature turbocharger failure. It is strongly recommended to search online, and investigate at the very least the oil feed pipe and bolts/inline filter for blockages, and your injector seals to ensure they are not chuffing and blowing. The turbocharger must be fitted to a healthy, properly functioning engine.