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VNT Nozzle ring cage / Shroud for GTB20/22
VNT Nozzle ring cage / Shroud for GTB20/22

VNT Nozzle ring cage / Shroud for GTB20/22

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Nozzle ring cage/shroud for common GTB20, GTB22, GTB23 VK applications. Gas seal piston rings not included, but we do sell them.

The bolt pattern for securing them to the CHRA is the same so it is simple to change down and up a turbine size, if you want to either increase your spool, or allow for better breathing and more power. 

GTB20 Mercedes 777318 range -  turbine wheel exducer bore 43.80mm

GTB22 VAG 769909 / 776469 / 776470  range -  turbine wheel exducer bore 45.70mm

GTB22 BMW 758351/ 758352 / 758353 / 777853 turbine wheel exducer bore 46.6mm

AMG GT23 retrofit. The largest possible turbine side for simple swap over without machining the turbine housing and using custom oversized shrouds etc. Turbine wheel exducer bore 49.4mm

We also sell the turbine wheels to match these shrouds, along with the VNT nozzle ring pack also. 

Please note these shrouds are not intended for use on the VKLR GTB turbos (those shrouds do not bolt to the CHRA and are supported by the turbine housing).