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VW T4 2.5 TDi Billet hybrid Turbo AJT AYY ACV AUF AYC K14/K16

VW T4 2.5 TDi Billet hybrid Turbo AJT AYY ACV AUF AYC K14/K16

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We are proud to release the first in the line up of upgrade turbochargers for the 5 cylinder T4 2.5 TDi vans. This unit is based on the original OEM K14 turbo, but then extensively reworked and modernised to comfortably double the standard engine power. It will bolt straight onto the original manifold and downpipe so no need to change to the Volvo setup, or other aftermarket manifold. It is designed to be the benchmark in decent reliable upgrades for those who want respectable power without running their turbo on the ragged edge to achieve it. 

The exhaust side is heavily modified with a custom lightweight K16 turbine wheel machined into the standard housing. Much larger than stock but in a modern lightweight design meaning that (with the right fuel and mapping mods) spool up is actually better on this unit than a stock item. The increase in size means exhaust back pressures are low and the engine can breathe easily and rev happily all the way to the redline. 

The standard restrictive tiny K14 compressor cover is ditched and a completely new compressor housing and bespoke backplate assembly used. The lightweight billet compressor wheel in this first version of the hybrid is over 60mm in diameter - cutting edge design with extended tips, and more than capable of flowing ~200bhp, and we have larger trim 60mm and even larger diameter wheels waiting in the wings for those who really want to push the boundaries.

Inside the turbo every single component is new, nothing apart from the turbine housing and clamps is second hand or remanufactured. We use a motorsport large pad 360° thrust kit for superior durability, the turbo is high speed balanced to better than OEM tolerances and assembled to OEM specs. The standard low pressure actuator is discarded and a custom stainless steel bracket, heatshield, and new 0.6-0.8 bar (10-12psi) actuator fitted. 

These are built to order so please allow a few days for delivery. The first one was sent to Kenny at EcoMaps Tuning who has mapped his own personal van to over 170 bhp so far without an intercooler, with loads more to come. EcoMaps is our preferred dealer and can supply the turbos bare or as part of a fitting / mapping package. Contact them for details.

The turbos are sold on an exchange basis (you need to return your old turbo to us - good bad or ugly as long as the turbine housing with clamps is there), the price (+ VAT) includes gaskets and DPD shipping to mainland UK.

There are introductory discount codes available on T17Club and T4 T5 T6 Performance Group on FaceBook.

Once we get further results of testing we will update the power levels achieved. Also from the larger spec compressor wheel options once a few of those have been sold. The year 2020 will see us releasing a GTB2260VK and VKLR kit too so be sure to check back to see how progress is going!

This turbo interchanges with the original part numbers 5314-970-7018 53149707018 5314-988-7018 53149887018 074145701A

Due to the different compressor housing used, the discharge and inlet are different sizes to the original (they are the same as the AXG ones). The discharge to the intercooler is 43.7mm diameter so will need a different coupler pipe or sleeving with a short length of silicone hose. The inlet on the cover before we machine it is 60mm diameter, you can take the turbo leaving it at 60mm, or we can machine it down to the original 48.2mm diameter. Due to the pipe from the air filter often degrading over time (read THIS article or watch THIS video) the option of a larger inlet might be popular. Please be sure to state which size inlet you want when you order. Due to the stiffer spring pressure in the actuator, mapping is essential as soon as this turbocharger is fitted. 

For those looking to repair their own turbo at home we sell a drop in performance CHRA for the standard K14 turbo HERE

***** Pictures will be uploaded soon *****